Honeywell SYS-HS-FIRE Horn Strobe With Letter "Fire"

Security System, Safety System, Fire alarm, fire system sensor, Horn strobe, SYS‐HS-FIRE

Rp. 1.306.304

Condition: New

Shipping Weight: 1 kg(s)



Type: Horn Strobe
Housing Color: Red
Lettering: English
House on Fire Symbol: YES
Standard Operating Temperature: 32°Fto 120°F(0°Cto 49°C)
Humidity Range: 10 to 93% non-condensing
Strobe Flash Rate:  flash per second
Nominal Voltage: Regulated 24 DC/FWR 1 or regulated  12 DC/FWR
Operating Voltage Range: 16 to 33 V (24 V nominal); 8 to 17.5 V (12 V nominal)
Input Terminal Wire Gauge: 14 to 18 AWG*
Strobe And Horn Strobes Dimensions(including lens): 5.15" L ×5.0" W ×1.5" D (131 mm  L×127mm W ×38mm D)

System Sensor SYS-HS Horn Strobe
System Sensor strobe and horn strobes shall mount to a 2“x4”, 4“x4”, single-gang,  double-gang, 4“ Octagon, 105mm x 105mm, 65mm round, 86mm x 86 mm, 60mm x 60mm back box.  System  Sensor  devices  shall  be powered  from  a non-coded notification appliance circuit output and shall operate  on a nominal 12/24 volts.  12-volt-rated
notification: appliance  circuit outputs  shall operate  between  8 and 17.5 volts.  24-volt-rated notification
appliance: circuit outputs shall operate  between  17 and 33 volts.  Devices  operate  between  32 and 120 degrees  Fahrenheit  from  a regulated  DC or full-wave rectified
unfiltered: power supply.  Strobes  and horn  strobes  shall  have field-selectable  candela settings  including  15, 75 and 115 cd.  When  devices  work on 12 volts,  only  15 candela is available. The devices shall  not operate on a coded  power  supply.  Horn -strobe  and strobe  devices  shall  have built-in  synchronization  capability.  Uponinitial power up the devices  shall be synchronized  for up to 30 minutes.

Horn Strobe Combination
The horn strobe  shall be a System  Sensor  Model  _______ listed  to UL 1638 and UL 464 and shall be approved  for fireprotective  service.  The horn  strobe shall be wired  as a primary-signaling
notification: appliance  and comply  with  the Americans  with Disabilities  Act requirements  for visible  signaling appliances, flashingat 1 Hz over the strobe’s entire operating voltage range. The strobe light shall consist of a xenon flashtube and associated  lens/reflectorsystem.  The horn  shall have two audibility  options  and an option  to switch  between  a temporal  three-pattern  and a non-temporal  (continuous)  pattern. These options  are set  by a multiple  position  switch.

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